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You Un-Wavey creatures
You Owe One
You Owe One
Nigga you owe one


Sliding with some hoes
As long as that she's 18

Tryna play it safe, tryna
Stay up out the state green

But whats up with you old niggas
Judgement Day gon come, believe
Its somethin bout this dough nigga
Makin bitches cum so easy

Uhhn, That street shit, we live boy
That, that, that, you might
Not be here next year boy (ARRGHH!)

Got that drink, might be brown, might be white
Move that brown, move that white
My bitches brown, couple white
Cheese steak, Philly boy, Night life, City boy
Fuck a deal, Indy boy, Two chains, Tity Boi
Like, like, like, whats up with your best friend?
Drinkin Henny straight cause a liver cost ten grand
Houses on my left hand

Everybody movin weight in the city that I'm from
And Im drinkin Henny straight til the day that I'm done
Y'all niggas stole the Wave, stop actin like you dumb
You niggas gettin older, somebody should have told you

You owe one
Nigga you owe one
Nigga you owe one
You owe one

White flowers, got me burnin cash
Stay, stay, stay, stay
Stay in power, gotta learn to stash
Eva had a nigga tryna stop the cream
Then you pull the choppas out
And then you watch a nigga sreaaaam?

Yea, I had to take it there
Had to do it personally to make it fair

Accustomed to the life with a custom pair
Best flows, Death Row, nigga get a chair
Big chain drippin down
Everyday same shit, but when I look back, shit different now
Ridin with the same niggas til the death of moi
Coke boy, Montana, you niggas know the repertoire

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