Future – Neva End Lyrics

Produced By: Mike WiLL Made It

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We don’t wanna
We don’t wanna
We don’t wanna neva end
We don’t wanna
We don’t wanna neva end
We don’t wanna
We don’t wanna neva end
We don’t wanna neva

We don’t wanna neva end
It's like our life has just began
You walkin’ out, you comin’ back again
Cause we became the best of friends
You got all the questions and I know all the answers
I done took your heart, girl and hold it up for ransom
We don’t wanna neva end
We don’t wanna
We don’t wanna neva end
We don’t wanna

[Verse 1]
I could tell you was into me from our instant chemistry
As I reflect memory, you ride or you die for me
I'll go to war over you want, I dont give a fuck by showing you
You know what it is shawty, forever my lil shawty

Long as I’m swimmin’ in Benjamins, you shop with no limited
You reminisce every session, know you’ll come back again
I know you can’t breath without me, you gon' need your oxygen
I damn near gave you a overdose on my own medicine

I took a sip of your tea and I ain’t been right ever since
As I think to myself what’d it be is it heaven sent
Let’s put the past behind us
And go far away where nobody can find us


[Verse 2]
You could leave today I bet you’ll come back tomorrow
I could see the hate is comin’ from a mile up
And it’s only preparin’ us for what we got comin’

If I did come your way and you feel like runnin’
Run in my direction and don’t you run from me

Cause any time we get together, we goin’ stuntin’
And I’m applyin’ major pressure, feel it in your stomach

It’s lightnin', it’s thunderin', you describin', got me wonderin'
Butterfly, butterfly
Will you gon ever leave?
Any time you leave my side
I know you comin’ back
I know you comin’ back to me


Is there anything you wanna know?
Is there any place you rather be?

You walk until your feet get sore
I bet you walking back
And I bet you walking back to me
Actually that’s a guarantee
My friendship a guarantee
You got my ego in another league
I ain’t tryna be cocky
I got your heart in my pocket


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