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[Intro: Chippy]
Outta Pocket
Outta pocket
You know what you doctored in


[Verse 1: G-Eazy]
Ummmm-My fan base is a mixture
Of slutty blonde girls, pot smokers and blickters

Each and every night I have the wildest adventures
Like fingering your sister
Until my fucking wrist hurts

Here, want to see? I took a picture
Friends call me G
But see- you can call me Mister

My songs play on iPods, phones, and transistors
Chugging on the Brass Monkeys
This is my elixir

A household name- I'm a fixture
You're spending money on these bitches, you're a trickster
That's cause you really need to hurry up and fix their
Attitude, "you're acting outta pocket" that should fix her

[Hook: Chippy](G-Eazy)
Outta pocket
You know what you doctored in
Outta pocket (Actin dumb, bitch you)

[Verse 2: Chippy Nonstop]
Chippy on the mic
Like you in a fucking retrograde

MC Chippy, yo this pussy's like a razor blade
Call me when you gettin' paid
Yo I'm free, mind if you do it
Your producers like "haters be hatin'"
Licky lick lick lick
One time that's slutty too
Bake this
Jump off the nigga stick
Flow so sexy, it'll make you wanna stir
Flow so sexy, it'll make you wanna stir


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