Gangrene (Oh No & The Alchemist) – Dark Shades Lyrics

Produced By: The Alchemist

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[Verse 1: Evidence + Alchemist]

Gotta step back for this shit
(A BIRD, A PLANE, TRAIN..)An auto mobile
An undefied moment flyin' over the hills
I know what I know and what I don't can't hurt

[The Alchemist]
Big Ben on the piano I programme and dirt
Lord Steppington, stepping in like George Jefferson

Count step a leather preference
Reverend run this rap shit

[The Alchemist]
Till we cross the finish line
And they wave the flag with the checkers and the criss cross
Gold medallist in the disc toss
Demo's out the window I fling

Like I'm watched by the pit boss
A feeling in my gut like Rick Ross
Chips in the air chuck a deuce and get lost

[Hook: The Alchemist]
I dont give a fuck
I was thinking about holding my guitar and wearing dark shades

[Verse 2: Oh No + Roc C]

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