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[Verse One:]
The only time I drink a 40
Is when I wanna drink a 40
And usually when I wear a suit
I leave with not one but two
I'm not trying to hurt nobody
You only live once they told me
You can't be mad at me
I can just be "G"

Even though I got my own CD
Maybe even on TV
There ain't no changing me
I can only be me me me
Even though I might be on TV
Cause I got my own CD
All you will ever see
Same ol' "G"

[Verse Two:]
I used to be the main one clubbin
But now I choose to stay at home
Most of my friends still thuggin
This time the "G"s full grown
I'm thinking 'bout my future latley
Whatever that may be
But now it's clear to me
I can just be "G"


[Interlude: Timbaland]

Hello y'all
Yeah this that Timbaland coming to ya one mo 'gain
You see, people say that we're changing
But really it's the people around us that are changing
You see, we ain't tryin to hurt nobody
People tryin to hurt us
But you know what?
I'mma keep being me
That's all I can do in this life time (check it)

[Verse Three:]
Day after day
I continue to be
Me oh me
That's all I can be
Oooh day after day
I continue to be me oh me
Same ol' "G"

Repeat to fade

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