Gloomy Pyramid – Time Again Lyrics

Produced By: Gloomy Pyramid

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[Verse 1]

Hold up, we're shining minus a couple hundred diamonds
When you see me finding, these ways to mix up the word like
What you want to do and a couple grind, oh look The Pyramids, oh they gone,Like oh uh where they been
Just chilling, i'll be back around like at at 10, it's been a minute though
So hold up, slow down, as soon as we touch ground yo
Get money, say ichiban yo, the force play and zapatos
Eternity feeling, I'm just tryin' to get a billion
To all who think they with it, they'll ride and die for my niggas


The moments, the life we trust, living or die
Sometimes I wish I could fly, because it feels like that time again
The moments, the life we trust, feeling kinda nostalgic
To the moment when all I can say is just hold it though

[Verse 2]

Maybe though, used to go by The Original
Now I go by, yeah, Gloomy though
, this must be the end of the story though
Once I got my flows up, got my words up, got my shows up, got my gold up
Back then, only one thing to discuss, playing video games and that was must
Don't have to bust, In NRK we trust, that, in fact is how we kept it real
But, oh fuck, how you feel low, Time like this I just have to go
But I don't mean any disrespect, at times I feel like I have to vent
Reminiscing over the time spent, but atlas you know I'm not finished yet
Break em' off, kill em' off like a Genesect still not the latest variant of the scarf set
I don't have time for the lifeless, blazing the time, still wondering where the time went
Goes up, hold up, still with my niggas, still with the bros
Still with the Pharaohs, all my niggas
know know to get that gold
Any transition will lead to a fantasy written meant for a pyramid will leave y'all all exposed

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