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Santa ain't bringin' shit over here (x3)
But another motherfuckin' bill

[Verse 1]
Christmas list ain't got shit on it
Cause I ain't gonna get shit on it
If it don't pay the mortgage, then I don't want it
'Specially if it's another fuckin' bill


[Verse 2]
If I hear a nigga up on my roof
And he ain't tryin' to fix up my roof
I'mma shoot that nigga up off my roof
Because he ain't supposed to be up there


[Verse 3]
"Ho, ho, ho, where's your holiday cheer?"
Fuck you, Santa, you ain't been here in years
Remote-control car ain't have no batteries
My girl ain't like her gift and she mad at me
My family said I don't visit enough
And that's your fault, too
I hate you


Santa is a bitch ass nigga
Santa is a bitch ass nigga
Santa is a bitch ass nigga
Santa is a bitch ass nigga
Santa is a bitch ass nigga
Everybody else
Santa is a bitch ass nigga

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