Gmcfosho – Werldstarr Lyrics

Produced By: Zechnique

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I finna punch a bitch, nigga, real shit (8x)

[Verse 1]
I filmed this video with a book
Song catchy cause I always sing the hook
Waited in line all day for these shoes
Wear 'em in the club, I ain't playin' with these shoes
We can throw hands, I don't need a reason
Punch you in the face, punch you in the face season

NBA2K's what I play, nigga
Call me civil rights water hose cause I spray niggas
Put you to sleep like a sheep
Ba, ba, ba, ba, like a sheep

Every girl I've ever known I told to twerk
Mama twerk, granny twerk, daughter twerk, twerk


[Verse 2]
I named all my kids Roman numerals
Saw a chick take a shit in the urinal
Brought a stripper to my homeboy's funeral
She was strippin' at my homeboy's funeral

Pastor was tippin' at my homeboy's funeral
I said, "You trippin'", he said he popped a molly, you would know
Pastor backflippin' at my homeboy's funeral
Grabbed the casket, he said he wood grain grippin' at the funeral
I started rappin' at my homeboy's funeral
This really happened at my homeboy's funeral
Y'all best not be laughin' at my homeboy's funeral
Cause I'll start cappin' and start laughin' at your funeral


Lil B just dropped another vid (x2)
Riff Raff just dropped another vid
Lil B just dropped another vid
Chief Keef makes songs for niggas like me
Drake the type of nigga that makes songs with no parental advisory
Lil B just dropped another vid (x2)

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