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[Verse 1 - Gucci Mane]
It's a white girl in town: name is "cocaine"
It's some dirty birds in town: Gucci Mane & Waka Flame
We fly in, I’m buyin, say you got more birds? You lyin
You trying and lying, you boys ain't supplying
I pitch like Nolan Ryan, got cocaina frying
My partners sick up kids, they take what they gon tie in
In the bushes they lying, ain't lying that's my word
By the end of the month, they left with them birds
And I'm gone off that purp, and I'm slurring my words
I swerve in my Benz, banged my Forgi's on the curb
The lean, the herb, pay me like the 1st
Cross Brick Squad, get hurt. I got work - Gucci!

My homeboys will get you, pay you on the 33rd
2 pints of lean'll have me slurring on my words
Undertaker car, triple black drop bird
Stomach full of money, so hundreds I'mma burp
All the hoods love us like the 15th and the 1st
2 pints of lean'll have me slurring on my words
Undertaker car, triple black drop bird
Stomach full of money, so hundreds I'mma burp

[Verse 2 - Waka]
Five grand for a head shot
Boy don’t be no Flinstone and get your bedrocked, nigga
Triple red drop, bouncing through the parking lot
Where I'm from, young niggas shooting at the cops
Where I'm from, they thuggin
My hood right side, nigga, green flagging
Lay your ass down if you do too much bragging
3 K's, 4 Glocks, nigga that's swagging
Penalized, then goes the Packer-Man
Rich as hell, you would think I was a cracker, man
I don't know 'em bah-bah-bah-bah-back'em man
Fuck 'em den! Throw my stash in the club that there'll do
Every girl gettin past you
Send an ambulance on that ass I want that rent due
Robbin every nigga that ain't Hit Squad, Blood or Piru


[Verse 3 - Flocka]
Half a million dollar jewelry like "fuck that bird!"
Niggas screaming they want beef, I'm like "roger that!"
My album didn't sell, so I'm laying niggas down
Shooting every nigga that burns, sleeps or fuckin frowns

[Verse 4 - YG Hootie]
40 carats on my bracelet, my Polo black
Niggas talking like they want beef I'm wanting that
7 grams in this Swisher, I'm gon solo that
Riding around with my strap like "where they at?"
All these rap niggas hold us on my Philly hat
You will never be a legend like the Gucci Man
You will never be turnt up like my partner Flock
You niggas hoes I run your block when them choppers chop

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