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Girl after girl
Girl after girl
Girls going wild I got girls kissing girls
Girl after girl
Girl after girl
Girls going wild I got girls kissing girls

[Verse 1: Gucci Mane]
Me her her and her, grab her by her hair
Naked girls in here, girls touchin on girls
Get her by her garter, got her high as hell
Make her pop a pill, still let her hit the blunt till
She feels like I feel, will not just cost a lil
Back round like a hill, these hoes are for real
Me her and her friends, they look like they twins
She so fuckin fine that I touched her up again
Told her next time she can bring her other friend
Then I lost her number never seen again
The best brain in the world, do her thing with a girl
But don't call her yo girl, yo listen I a'int with yo girl

[Hook: x2]

[Verse 2: Nicki Minaj]
Poppa, Poppa Bear, I'ma need some honey
Chew it like a gummy, stupid juicy oozy runny
Listen Gucci Mane I got what u need
Keisha and Alisha and Tamika got the weed
Girls everywhere Gucc go and get the camper
White girls too ohh Julie Annie Amber
Can I squeeze your boobs, let me see your boobs
Ain't none of these bitches on my cruising altitude (altitude)
Minaj is the name, it's me and Gucci tag team Wrestlemania brain
I'm stupid uh I'm stupid can u teach me how to read
Lil mami get to flashin get yo Mardi Gras beads


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