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[Verse 1]
All white mink for my freaks, I'mma rich treat
Black bitch pussy very pink sit it on a sink
Diamond ring only made for kings cost me 80g
Expensive gold on my watch and teeth cost a 100g
Rose gold V-V-V-v-v-v its a sight to see
Two girls and its only me do yall wanna geek
Quarter P of that Miley Skii do you wanna skii
East Atlanta no water around but we on a the beach
Red B cost ya 350 get ya one of these
Since its me you wanna be then go head and get one for me

My momma said she couldn't feed no sissy so guess what pass me the beef
And collard greens and lots of beets cus i like dope and lots of weed
My niece is El Chapo niece I headshot niggas taco meat
Got two lil' nasty, that ass so fat, fat hard to keep em off of me
Conseal my dope with coffe beans Narcos keep on followin me
Ralph lauren colonge on my money it smell just coca leaves

I fucking told ya
You fucking moolinyanies
Don't fucking cross me
I fucking told you
I'mma call my Army
100 Soldiers
Go to war with Sosa
I got a show to host
If i miss count it then i count it over
So say hello to my little fucking chopper
I shh you cops but you know fucking copper

[Verse 2]
I eat nails for breakfast eat bricks for lunch
I got them bricks i mail them
I know the DA want fucking nail me
Investigating trying to sell me celery
They tried to rail me got my shit together
They can't wait me to slip so they can chef me
Thank the cartel because they got me wealthy
And i will be wealthy everyday I'm healthy
God bless me all these crackers wanna get me
Convict for some shit they know I'm guilty
How fucking knowing you fucking with me
I got a million fucking fucking with me


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