Gucci Mane – Spotlight Lyrics

Produced By: Polow Da Don

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[Intro - Usher and Gucci]
It feels so good to be back!
Polow, Usher baby (yeah, Zone 4)
How you doing, Gucci? (yeahhhhh!) (Zone 6)

[Hook - Usher]
Cause the spolight ain't nothing without you girl
And the dance floor ain't nothing without you girl

You a show stopper
Let's get it poppin'

[Verse 1 - Gucci Mane]
Rose by 50
Uh Now she tipsy
Slow dancing in my mansion with no panties
Want to get me

Three girls Gucci trippin
That's a lot of women

Expensive denim jeans on
Designer heels, you feel me?

I don't want no violence
But damn she trying to kill me

She trying to make me feel her
I'm trying to make her feel me

She just had a long day
KnowIgot that long cake
I give her that long scream
I fuck with her the long way


[Verse 2 - Gucci Mane]
Bang bang OKA
Where you want to go today
No she is not a prostitute
But if she was I'd have to pay

Say, lay, you can stay
I sex you up couple days
Tell your girl no need to front
She want participate
Gucci ain't eliminate
4 girls with me

SimplyIglaze they ass
Just like some churches biscuits

Beat her like she stole my Bentley
Swagger-jackers pay attention
Cali girl, ATL, Detroit, New York girls be with me


[Verse 3 - Gucci Mane]
I had a girl left alone
Gucci Mane's a bachelor
Sex tape just like Pamela
Cause Gucci not an amateur
Mini skirt, sun dress, booty shorts, Monster
Her ass phat as two basketballs
Gucci fitting to dunk her

Pretty like Mariah
Finer than Alicia
Sexy just like Trina, dogg

I bet she a keeper!
Turn me on like Keri
No she is not scared of her
Probably sex her every UH
Cause lil mama is fine as fuck!

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