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[Verse 1]
I talk so much shit I wake a dead man up
And I'm the meth man, you better call red man up
I'm by myself man, and yes I ran my bread back up
You'll have better luck tryna rob a Brinks bank truck
Eight ounces and a Crush soda
Last month I damn near smoked a Range Rover
I buy a pint, crack the seal, and put a straw in it
I'm drinking raw out the jar, caviar sipping
I might need a new prescription
These young hoes fucking senior citizens
Dad, your little sister is granddaddy mistress, sad
Secretary sucking politicians, you mad
You know that Mr. cheating on his Mrs
Remember when I could just take a bitch to Wendy's
But now these hoes say they wanna go to Sicily

But bitch you must be silly, wanna go to Piccadilly
Cause I really feel you fake as hell, like Milli Vanilli

These hoes, must of these niggas go broke for these hoes
Big bad bully but he beat for these hoes
Married thirty years but he sleep with these hoes
Spending all this money, going out to eat
M.O.B. man, money over bitches
These niggas say they real, but they just a bunch of bitches
Fuck the bedroom, point me to the kitchen
Baby girl, where you was when I was water wippin'
When I was water wippin', when I was water wippin'
Baby girl, where you was when I was water wippin'
When I was water wippin', when I was water wippin'
Fuck the bedroom, point me to the kitchen

[Verse 2]
Fuck the bedroom, point me to the kitchen
So many chickens in my kitchen got my palms itching
You sucking a rich nigga dick, you in a good position
You say your baby daddy broke? Bitch you really tripping

What's wrong with you, what kind of life you living?
You wanna ball, hit the mall, or just eat Church's Chicken
Gucci be really pimping, I need just thirty minutes
And if you cool baby we could fuck every Wednesday
But you must pay attention, baby you got to listen
The first rule, that you cannot have hoes in my business
You know I ball relentless, pull up in Benz and Bentley's
And I don't wanna meet your daddy, I ain't fucking friendly
I had three-hundred-fifty-thousand, I was only twenty
Your baby daddy broke, I bury his ass in fucking twenties
Yeah I'm a fat nigga, but all I ride is fucking skinny's
And I don't wanna fuck that bitch cause she to fucking skinny


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