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I know a place hid away from the streets
From the cops and the heat and the fake-ass beefs
Where the waves and the sand and the spraycans meet

Breakdance Beach?

[Aesop Rock]:
Work all morn tryna make ends meet
By the A&P selling H and E
On a very slow day made his way to the sea
Fuck Playland

[Rob Sonic]:
Boardwalk ordering a steak and cheese
Gotta wait and see if the maître d'
Put the eggplant Sammy on the same receipt

Leg pants peace?

[Aesop Rock]:
Robot arms, caveman teeth
Argyle tracksuit, name-brand sneaks

[Rob Sonic]:
Barfly bolted by the waistband brief
Eight cans deep in the same damn seat
Gucci frock on the space camp geek
Kick it, grape lady
“I can't breathe”

[Aesop Rock]:
Might just start a breakdance fanzine
Great place for a skate ramp


[Rob Sonic]:
Jambox shorts and the tapes and beats
Train-crash screech like a stray banshee
Dr. Zaius: No way man's free
And apes can’t speak on


[Aesop Rock]:
Um, yeah, we got a playpen breach
The assailant a well known Ray-Bans thief
Windmill on sand and a James Gang tee
Rain Man: Definitely

[Rob Sonic]:
Take Francine cause you’re lame, Stanley
Good morning, USA, do the snake, then freeze

[Aesop Rock]:
Take a breaker out the park, he the Great Bambine
Make him party at the waterfront, Jay Gatsby
No lifeguard, get your fake tan bleached
Then join us for a monumental baked clam feast

[Rob Sonic]:
Nathan’s theme party, dames can’t tease
And stay fancy on


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