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Produced By: DJ Nio

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Now even if you wanted to you couldn't take it with ya
So what is it you wanna do no clue what's on the ticker
Life's a little sweet, a little bitter, but you gotta admit
Both flavors put together make it richer

If I was a quitter would've never seen the charles river under a millions stars
Spittin hard with some of the sicketst who could rip a paragraph in foreign bars
Far removed from the pain of yesterday, you could say this was my avatar
But I ain't where the wild things are, in my mind designed a way out
Let me lay it out for ya
At fourteen thought a lawyer was a chosen path, wasn't known for math
Couldn't conceive of an adventure that would rival Tom Sawyers
But had a thing for spiral ring notebooks, went to college pre-law
But a siren had me hooked, couldn't let it be, switched the recipe
And took every bit of spice and nook, then brought to a slow cook
Low flame, blood boiled,soiled love, a people's history
Happiness and misery, all of the above
Plus a crew with me whose new to the city with a little heat and could sleep
Trying to get some grub
Speed it up to now, I move a bigger crowd, my dudes are proud dad's
As I gave birth to a dream
But what does it really mean, guess I still have the taste in a higher court
Still stating my case

You face forward you can't look back
And if it's just all words there's no room to act
Imma say four words and that will be that
Please. Live. Your. Life

Not a lot of people want forever and a day
Cause eternity you see is a really long ways

And along a windy road it can get a little bumpy
Most down to ride they expect their seats comfy
That isn't how it works, or at least the way I did it
Knew what I was in for yes I'm committed
But I admit it, there was more in-store than a show at fat beats
More than I had hoped for, much more than I bargained
Walmart shopping I am not, just working out the knots

No clots, so my heart won't harden
I know we got a shot so I practice picking spots on the floor
King to her queen, we're both not sovereign
And ever so often when guards ain't droppin
Watch'em leave with their friends, think they look for other options
Imagination active makes a situation rotten
Plays with no passion have the opposition stop'em
Everyday's a lesson in what chemistry's about
See fire can heat water or cancel each other out
And no I'm not a prophet but I'll sorta quote one
In love nothing to show for, really until you show some

And nothing hurts more your adored being near
And knowing you're ignored this song she won't hear
Language and a picture for her no longer clear
I'm Ellison, invisible man my worst fear

You face forward you can't look back
And if it's just all words there's no room to act
Imma say four words and that will be that
Please. Live. Your. Life

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