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[Verse 1: Hodgy]
Murder, murder someone you never heard of
What you need to be scared of, pullin' your bitches skirt up
Swimmin' with womens surfs up, blue Jordan Air 1's Smurfed up
My breath stinks like I burped up, I'm dirty like a dirt truck
Freeway music sorry but I must emerge up
I always come first never place with the third cup
Don't act like you deaf nigga, I know you heard us
Thats why you shaking in your pants bitch, you nervous

I rhymes 'til I can't get no higher
Moth to the flame and I am the fire
Nick Cannon on my hip, right next to Mariah
Messiah, desire before I expire
We tie you in your home with the phone lines wired
Worked to tight, midnight rider
3 a.m. pull up right beside ya

(3 a.m. pull up right beside ya)
I live with bats like I'm a fuckin' Dodger
Neighborhood life right by Mr. Rodger
You niggas get more even and I get more odder
(You niggas get more even and I get more odder)

I run off winter time like a platinum Rolex

[Verse 2]
Eat my dust taste my auto fumes
Original swagger no autotune

Niggas hit the radio and they gettin' respect
I'm still dialing Power 106 calling collect

Express through music I explore myself
Self-made money, I employ myself
Contemplatin' suicide should I destroy myself
Or restore my health cause I support like belts

Pull up your trousers this world is Mario find a realm
And you up against Bowser

I'm sorry to the girls, fantasizing about me in your browser
My girls 'bout it, 'bout it, don't let her get roweled up

I count up every dollar that I get from the ground up
Cowboy with the rope and I gallop when I round up
Eight to ten I chase to win
Finish where I left off where do I begin


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