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These are my Christmas Jammies!

Ah yeah!


It’s a Holder Night

2013 in review

Video Christmas Card Part II

Dancing in the front yard night and day and the neighbors walk by and this is what they say:
“Are those Xmas jammies?”
They are Xmas jammies
Check it out we just bought a Prius v and it matches these perfectly, wearing Xmas jammies

Now for Lola 2013 was full-speed ahead
She now has a medal hanging over her bed
Because she ran a triathlon and somehow she looked like she was having fun
She can count to one-hundred in Chinese
And she can now read books as thick as these
And if you wanna pay a visit to Lola’s room
You best get ready for a Rainbow Loom
Looming in the room while shakin’ your thang
She can play the piano and can also sing

“In my Xmas jammies!”


PENN CHARLES turning four, safe to say he wears superhero shirts everyday
Is he smart in school? Kind of hard to tell cause he just bats his eyes and all the teachers melt

And in case you didn’t see it, well I’m sure it’s pretty vital, well he dressed up like a Chief and shuck his hips in a recitel
And now Penn’s taking a hip hop class; that musical ability is growing fast

Xmas jammies. I LOVE YOU! SO MUCH!

We know they look ridiculos. That’s why no one will dance with us
We’re wearing Xmas jammies

How about Downtown? That’s where all the hipsters go. Drinking the IPA’s and staring at that phones



What a year for Kim. For starters she meet him. Got a part in Iron Man III. And she spent a whole day with RTJ and the result right there

That’s me!

Even tougher to beat was her fitness feat. The Rally Iron Man 70.3
Even though she got punched in the face near the start of the race
She still finished in 6:40

Rollin’ in the car going 25
And pushing the stroller up Northfolk Drive

These are Xmas jammies!
Look at my Xmas jammies!

There’s room for child Number 3
But I can’t, I just had a vasectomy

Recovering was easier in these Xmas jammies

Well I think that maybe we should end with a multiply choice of what [happen] to depend

To the (A.) Run the same race as me

(b.) Have a tiny role in Iron Man 3 (I mean like, tiny. The role was so small and short, just, just we can not blink.)

(c.) Quiz the Governor about this first term

(d.) Cut his knee while doing the worm

(e.) Take up cross-fit and fall in love

Well the answer is (F.) All of the Above

But the biggest thing is what happens next

Next month he’s stepping off the anchor desk

It’s the biggest decision of his life

He’s gonna quit his job and come work with his wife

We’ll be making videos just like these for politicians and companies

And we’ll do it in these Jammies

In these Xmas jammies

He’s hoping all goes well but what will I do with all this jell

Presents for our neighbors

In our Xmas jammies!

Merry Christmas! We love you all!


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Okay we’re done


We’re gonna try this one more time, ok


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