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Ohh, I'm here!
So open up the door for me
(who is it?)
It's Hopsin

I'm Here
So open up the door for me
Hurry up and let me in

(Na Na Na Na Na)
Give me my dinner
(Na Na Na Na Na)
Then pass me the dessert

[Verse 1:Hopsin]
Yo, H-izzo P
Stepped in the dizzo
Wit a mean mug and a magnificent flizzo
I'm gotta get my swag on nigga ye know
I'm tryna leave the club wit a freaky ass HOEEEE!
My penis is all I'm feening to give her
Hopsin is sicker than a nigger
Who sobbing from hiccups and vomit his liver (what?)
You wanna blow up? Stop gobbling liquor and probly consider
Plottin some shit up to get popular quicker

Phonies get too many plays on the station
And leave me assed out of a deal while they on vacation

Shit I'll leave these rappers face on the pavement!
This game's filled with more whack niggas then a slave owner's basement
But I'm a freth of bresh air
I mean a breath of fresh air

MCs are next to catch hell
I leave 'em wrecked and then scared
Cause that's just what I do
I'm the lyrical bugaboo
Wait on me for a subsitute
I be tearing shit up so move!


[Verse 2:Hopsin]
Hey shorty, if I buy you a 40
You think that you can gimme some tang? I'm feeling horny

Or we can have an orgy
With you and your friends, I'll be the man
Have a nigga yelling out, YEAH!
My label trying make me switch the flow
Just because Oprah don't want me saying bitch no more

I'm like "Oprah, why you doing this?
Come on, this is ludacris
That just hypes my ass up even more to call YOU a bitch!"
This is my life, and this is my urge
This is my mic, and these are my words
You can't stop Hopsin
Forget it, its not poppin
I kick the shit that niggas love when they hot boxin
Right when you was bout to retire from listenin rap music
I reversered and turned you back to it

It was a close call
I was even thinkin all hope was lost but most of all
Be happy


[Verse 3:Hopsin]
I go to rap concerts, and post in the back
Don't even clap
I'm knowing that to show'll be whack
After performing they be looking like they supposed to get dap
I'm like, "Man you got murdered by your opening act!" (Get outta here!)
You ain't fucking with what I brought to the table
You just a tax write-off for your label
You outside flossing you Range Rove
Hoes eyeballing your bankroll
'Till you flopping all the money back
Am I watchin the same show? I think so
I'm the invincible, unpredictable, Mr. Ripper flow
Yes, it's pitiful, gimme some nipples to nibble on
Lyrical general, suck on my genitals
'Fore you get shitted on
Understand me or we never gon' get along
He best be, the hottest since the PS3
Straight out the W-E-S-T
Of course! What other rappers you know repping it iller?
You other nigggas pretty hot but I'm a definite killer

[Hook: 2x]

Hopsin! [X10]

[Outro 2x: Hopsin]
H-izzo P stepped in the dizzo
Wit a mean mug and a magnificent flizzo

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