Hyper payne – No lie freestyle Lyrics

Produced By: Hyper payne & Rasmesh

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That four bars ain't going
If i'm far from amazing that means Ali isn't
I free apartment. means taken
Armless chefs must be bakin,ahh
Im plankin, that's how sick i am
So fuck epidermix, i'm more sickenin fam
Quick question, who as sick as this
I am killing this, y'all are witnesses
You say you are peers, i am peelin this
Whenever i'm undercover, but most times i'm under cover
Not like eddy griffin, with these hoes i turn into lovers
Real niggas say word, you ain't never told no lie
Real niggas say word, you ain't never told no lie
Real niggas say true, you ain't never told no lie
Real niggas say true, you ain't never told no lie
Nah i just do it for the niggas that are tryna see a million before they die whaddup
Deebouwy just deals bouwy, you want a dope boy,thats dope enough
They say love is crazy, and if we make it it got to be rough
She heard from my hoes, who got angered by my bitches
I said WHOA, where did you hear that
Cause that's just fuckin twisted
How can they get the picture, when i torn it to pieces
I'm on the road to richnes, and light you up hopin you switch ass
And hatin say whatever to connect to our switches
Bouwy i'm smockin green rocks like it's fuckin litchens
Freedom of speech so we learn
To pay attention now we earn
Bullshit walks but we run
Cause paper chasin no U turn
On the bed she said damn payne you such a cat right
So i bite her pussy, and gotta screamin cat fight

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