Immature – Watch Me Do My Thing Lyrics

Produced By: Chris Stokes

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[Verse 1: Smooth]
Fly like an eagle through the sky
Makin more money than you can and I don't try
I'm on that level
That money makin rebel
Checkin for my pay no way
Can I settle for less than the best
When you make that purchase
And all my material needs will surface
Thats the only way I swang
Watch the way I do my thang

[Verse 2: Marques "Batman" Houston]
I can do anything
I wanna do in my life
You, you know you like the way
I kick my game
I'm not ashamed to do my thing
Right now I feel so good inside
Doin' what I want
Right now I feel so good inside
Doin' what I want

Watch me do my thing
I like to do my thing
Watch me do my thing
Everybody sing

[Verse 3]
Lady I'd do almost anything for you
Anything your heart desires
It's easy to fulfill your needs
Because you believe in me
Right now I feel so good inside
Doin' what I want
Right now I feel so good inside
Doin' what I want


[Verse 4: Kel Mitchell (AKA "Ed" from "Good Burger)]
Yo Batman and Romeo, give me the mic so I can flow
LDB make it funky from here to Mexico
I can do it fast or slow it really doesn't matter though
Cause I'm a pro; What you say, you wanna take me toe to toe?, dude I don't think so
My crew is strapped, my style is phat
And Immature's got my back on this funky track
You want fries with that?
Coo-Coo-Cachoo what you gonna do, hoooh


[Verse 5: Kel Mitchell]
Welcome to the hip hop, the home of hip hop
You don't stop the way we rock, yo Batman
24/7 around the clock, this is Ed here from Good Burger
Are you shocked, whoa!
Watch me do my thang, hoooh

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