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I'm not that desperate rat bastard that be eyeing your chick
From the corner of the dive while you're buying her drinks
Nah, I'm that sneaky sly guy already sliding her dick
And you won't ever be the wiser, trying to find her a ring
Big Willy, still he balling on a budget
But the fillies really feel me, always falling into something
These are the tales of an erroneous man
But let me sing a little song about how the story began:
Well at the tender age of ten I felt my first tongue kiss
I didn't have to chase the broad and I ain't run since
Used to sleep through all my classes, I was wasting my time
Thought I was smarter than my teachers, didn't pay them no mind
Yet and still I graduated with no clue what to do
Just knew that I was more creative than a few of these dudes
So I kept recording tracks, that came natural to me
And now I'm better than your favorite MC, I'm Mr. I-N-T

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