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I'm feeling to alive to be dead yet too dead to be alive
Let that drip drop red and put the medicine inside
Bet I'm better than these metal peddlers but pride
Got me bent up like i'll never get a little bit of shine
But I'm fending off the time
Finger on the button something heavy on the side
Lingerin on nothing what I put inside my mind
Often bitter and disgusting
So reminiscent of liquor my liver didn't function
Now I'm diggin up from the dirt
Separating self from where the grunts go to work
Save your self hatred and your love of getting hurt
For your final destination stumbling drunk up in a hearse
Look it's purgatory for the people
Who believed the glory when they heard the story of the eagle
Fool you can't reinvent truth
I'd rather die the worst me than live to be the best you

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