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Yeah, yeah, J. Lye
I'm feelin' gone tonight, im feelin' gone
Yeah, listen, yeah

Verse 1:
Im feeling gone, im rolling up another one
I see the joint burning, while I roll another blunt
Pass it to my niggas, riding all up in the front
We riding round my city, going on a women hunt
Yo kid, "whats good?" we got another one
And we gonna party every day until the sun is done
And we gon sip on that bacardi 151
And we dont fuck wit os, we got the marijuana tons
I told em, I told em that we are nothing plain
Id die for any of my niggas, know they feel the same
So joking with your girl like, yeah we gonna run a train
Or picking up from cali, yeah another fucking strain
Holla, another day another doller
We going on our way, and every girl they gonna follow
I told ya, that I'm feelin so far gone
Master piece of a painting, yeah so far drawn

I'm feelin, I'm feelin', I'm feelin', I'm feelin', I'm feelin', I'm feelin' gone in this bitch (x3)
We feelin' gone in this bitch
, yeah talk to em kid

Verse 2 (Kid Katastrophe):
Summer afternoons, I'm just kicking back at J's crib
Open up the mac book, start another playlist

Spark another spirit, get to sipping on some liquor
Get a little drunk see whats happening on twitter...
Yeah, thats just a day in the life
Bad bitches always begging me to lay em the pipe
But chilllll...i ain't never pussy chasing
Cause everybody knows, its looking better than its tasting, amazing
All my niggas blazing, mama gon' be proud when im bringing home the bacon
Im making, the most of my time, getting blitzed when im waking
Thats a routine, I know its hard for yall to take in

Thats just the way I live
Can't wait to make it to the top, just to say I did
But until then, ima just sit back and rhyme
Throw back a couple brews, closes my eyes and unwind (ayyy)

I'm feelin, I'm feelin', I'm feelin', I'm feelin', I'm feelin', I'm feelin' gone in this bitch (x3)
We feelin' gone in this bitch, we feelin' gone

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