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[Verse 1]
Had to start believing in myself first before you learn to love another
Gotta find your self worth
There’s nothing worth it on this earth, so I hope that there’s a heaven
Better find yourself church
Be real with you before you real with me, please
Thinking I can have it all, that was silly me
When you young living by rules that no body else can see
Everything that they on is just strange and beyond
Always felt appropriate when I said “we”
Stay putting on for others, guess that’s just me
Now it’s just me, when my tank is on E, when my weathers on freeze
That’s just how its gon be
How’s it gon be when your soul wants more, running out the door
Thinking courage don’t leave
Courage won’t flourish, don’t worry, no need
Can’t put a price tag on what we’ve received
Lessons well learned, Lessons taught, money burned
Yeah we fought, but ain’t no fightin it when its your turn
Man I thought that, see what I thought was

I thought we were in this together
But nothings ever like it seems
I thought we would do this forever
But nothings ever like the dreams

It’s no fault of mine, I just didn’t know
It was so hard to find, so I shouldn’t let go
It’s no fault of mine, I just didn’t know
It was so hard to find, so I shouldn’t let go (let go, go)

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