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[Intro: Jay-Z + (Beyonce)]
(Uhhhh) Welcome to Hollywood baby
(Take a picture) Uh huh

You coming with? (Let's not even talk about it)
Let's do it (Let's Go!)

[Bridge 1: Beyonce + (Jay-Z)]
(Uh huh) I see your jealousy as you watching
(I see you watching me baby)
You watching (It's all good)
It's kinda sexy to me how you watching (I love it) You watching
(Uh huh come on)

I see your face (I see your face)
You wanna touch it (You wanna touch it)
Come to my place (Come to the crib)
And let's discuss it (Let's chop it up)

Tonight you'll be (Tonight you gonna be a superstar baby)
A superstar

Come let me sign you up
(let's get into it)

[Hook: Beyonce + (Jay-Z)]
Ooh it's the lights (You blinded by the)
Action! (You need that)
Ooh it's the lights (You blinded by the)
Satisfaction! (You need that)
(Uh huh come on)

[Verse 1: Jay-Z]
Paparazzi spots me
In the lobby
Of my high-rise
I hide
Behind my shades
Cause the fame is blinding my eyes
My god

I know how Ozzie Oz
Once had felt when he was as high

As I have got
I have got
To make this stop

People often warn me
That the fame ain't for the vain of heart

It'll change those
Who they had love for you
Into strangers
When your fame starts
It's a chain reaction
Locomotion like when the train departs

Things have happened

Platinum plaquin'

Born in Brooklyn got a place in Manhattan
Going back to Brooklyn
To escape the madness

When your friends is
Chris and Gwyneth

When your girl is more famous
Then you then is

Time to get all your windows tinted
Keep your eyes squinted
It's gonna flash any minute
The music biz is like musical chairs
Its about where you standing when the music stop spinning
In a


[Beyonce Verse + (Jay-Z)]
You got to get it
Oh oh oh oh
Oh oh oh
Do you want it
Oh oh oh oh
Oh oh oh
But you don't need it
Oh oh oh oh
Oh oh oh
What do you do (now that you got what you want)
Oh oh oh
What do you do (oh you want more?)
Oh oh oh

[Verse 2: Jay-Z]
Hey mister
Pay sixa
A lista
You're in the mist of
The ride of your life

But you gotta keep them hits up
Can't put your guard down
Gotta keep your mitts up

Take a sip sir
It's so in toxicating

Ain't it
Try not to get jaded
Hollywood's been good to ya
Startin' feel like birds to ya
Don't lie
Gonna fly
You addicted to the lights
Without the fame
How you gonna survive
It's like living on
You so high

[Bridge 2: Beyonce + (Jay-Z)]
And everybody warning you about it (Try to told you)
And once you taste you can't live without it (It's addictive)
Not cause you choose to not live without it (Sure you want this baby)
It's now a part of you (It's a part of you)
It's now a part of you

And everybody warning you about it (I see you blinded)
And once you taste you can't live

[Hook (with minor ad-libs from Beyonce)]
Ooh it's the lights (It's the lights)
Action! (Action)
Hollywood (Hollywood)
Ooh it's the lights (Satisfaction)
Satisfaction! (So addictive)
(Hey) Hollywood (Hollywood)

[Verse 3: Jay-Z]
Wanna be seen
Male groupies
Now you've become what you once despised
James Dean
John Belushi

Blow your whole life
Tryna live in the lights

Heroins following Marilyn
Hoppin' over the edge
Just like Janice Joplin
River Phoenix
Jimi Hendrix
All of them ended by
Thank God for Hollywood
Sure you want this baby?
[Throughout end of verse 3]
(Oh oh oh oh
Oh oh oh)

[Outro: Jay-Z]
Most addicted drug in the world
Want the fame
Want the lights
Ha Ha Ha

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