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[Intro: ?]
We bring it down on the two, cause we are not the ones
No, we're not the ones
We bring it down on the two, cause we are not the ones
We're not the ones, no, we're not the ones

[Verse 1: What? What?]
I, drop, my, style like this
Twist, shape shift, bum deals get diss
My flow's been blessed, chopping up with the breath
Expand thoughts chest retract, inhale the cess
Digression ? emcees kept possession
Southeast to northwest, contest to submission
I flex, release, tense muscles and cease
Stole the master key to free 'em from the industry leap
I got a, full mind, ? lethal weapons
Breaking down, cruising seconds while the hardcore beckons
But I, stay focused even though triggers attempt
Even though niggas are bent, so quick to represent
Real emcees, we broke, Moet don't wet my throat
I keep a double-edged sword, no one to mute the remote
You need to keep your mouth shut, talking jaja on wax
And no doubt, we'll see what happens with the company tax
You know you gotta recoup, keeping your niggas with loot
And gambling with your soul, rocks is your papers they shoot
You're tampering with the art, and you're position's just temp
I got the full time job from bum deals in zest

[Hook: ?]
We bring it down on the two, cause we are not the ones
She's not your daughter, and I'm not your son
So why you trying to play us like we're dumb?
These deal is for bums

From the cradle to the grave, elementary to the penitentiary
The Black man's been getting the bum deal of the century
Now you want to get with the rap techniques you used to diss
I see you in these Coca-Cola commercials, and it's really making me pissed
But I gotta give my ?, do and get my boots
Two, in come more through, true, and get my loot too
But you gotta remember from which this household started
And these labels are trying to gas you up like someone farted
I come more strong-hearted, than Lionel
? is my father and What? What? is ?
So we had no choice but to be good guys with appeal
And don't got no time for nobody's whack record deal
I feel, we should make one buck out of every album that we sell
If we did, you don't think that I'd know you'd make twelve, what the Hell?

I got a job, she's got a job, he's got a job, all in school
So why is it that you're trying to play us for fools?
Cause most shit stinks like bird stool, can't hack it
And I don't want to be plain like white shit up on my jacket
Your tax bracket sees you green, while all these emcees see is teal
What are we? Assholes? You can keep your bum deal

[Hook x2]

[Bridge: ?]
I'm surrounded by: bums
Crowded by: bums
Your style is like: bums

[Verse 3: What? What?]
I need no bum deal, for my bung-hole
You sold your soul, now they're in control
Jerked your body like a marionette
Took your pens and your pads and replaced them with texts
No say in the game, rappers sounding the same
I'm sick of Versace, Chanel, and Gucci drinking champagne
Love's gonna getcha, I betcha, double dare you
Physical challenge, your player shit is losing balance
Get off the job, talk your whole aura is weak
My Black people either got to be Italian or Greek
Need to step off the scene, contracts and wicked seals, for real
Keep your whack ass fucking bum here

[Hook x2]

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