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[Verse 1]
Man, the things you learn in this world deserve space, their own orbits
The pleasurable, the most morbid
No post-posting your destiny til you're post-mortem
But I guess I'm mostly post-modern in my theorems though
[Redacted] a lot, [redacted] in moderation
But my moderation's higher than the average human

I choose to use imagination more than normal
I'm dreaming right now, I teleported you through portals
Supported with the thought that thoughts become things in an instant
An instinct is to think fast
When you blink, you wait for impact
You blink and Jeannie been past
No blockage and no impasse
Cannot is not in this class, no Ramadan is this fast
I won't promote a groupthink
Emote so much I leave verbatim in the booth, thick
And I would never use this music to abuse things
I just want motherfuckers to do things

Take your mask right off and
Show me your face

I love you
There is a place for us
Promise I'll keep you safe
And show me your
Show me your
Show me your
Show me
Show me your

[Verse 2]
There's nothing wrong with the chinks in your armor
Character building like your damages, sans for drama
And if you're dealing with your issues, bonus
But cannot deal with them with you -- I know you're mostly a loner
But I'm alone in it too, holding your shoulder
And I would like to hold it all if you're feeling the moment

Though we could see where we're going
Pursuing something that's beautiful
I'm a hopeless romantic
I hope this doesn't do damage to all the friendship we're building
I never claimed to be coping
And even keeping closed my [redacted], a door that's usually open
Cause you're unusually focused, and that's the nail in the coffin
That I've been laying and loving, just waiting here in the dark
Want to tell you but can't
It's steady killing me softly

I just orbit you often
You're amazing, but fuck it
I keep rejection at bay and my feelings graciously tucked in
Wanna say I want your name to form a suffix


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