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[Jermaine Dupri]
You know all we know how to do is keep it hot
This is So So
See I'm bout it, bout it
Now is you with it, with it
I don't care how you get your dough
Just get it, get it
See I'm bout it, bout it
Now is you with it, with it
I don't care how you get your dough
Just get it, get it, get it

Girl I've been longing to make love to you
Now we're alone so if you're in the mood
I will hold you, caress you
And slowly undress you
Girl that's what I wanna do
Well that's what I'm gonna do

1 - Don't you, don't you know
I'm bout it
If you ain't heard about me
Just remove that coat
I'mma break you off
No doubt girl is you ready
Girl is you ready

I can take places you've never known before
I know you think you know it baby
But let me show you more
I mean girl I'm gonna satisfy the woman inside of you
That's what I wanna do
And that's what I'm gonna do

Repeat 1 (2x)

Coming from 60-644
Keep me, B-R-A-T
You ain't heard about me
I'm the most shit poppin' dis
Ain't no stoppin' it's
Dolla, after dolla
It's holla when you need a hit
So So Def is the clique I claim
Westside when I ride, come equipped with game
In it quick, 2000 bounce with no range
You hate cause y'all wish y'all was doing the same
Without the 20 twin-twin's I don't operate right
So somebody, anybody pass me a mic
I rock for the thug, niggas that sell drugs
Ladies in the club that shake it for the paper
Those who take new whips and fill them up with speakers
I hate the word cheaper
I love new sneakers
I'm bout it
You wanna test me? Undress me
The remix with Brat, JD, and Jesse

Repeat 1 till end

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