Jimmy Mitch – Boring One Lyrics

Produced By: Jimmy Mitch

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[Hook: Jimmy Mitch]
I'm a Boring One
I'm watching paint dry by the morning sun
And when the paint dries I watch another one and another one
When I'm done you can see I have boring fun

[Verse: Jimmy Mitch]
I wake up in the morning
Roll out of the bed and I hit the floor yawning
Scratching on my head as I get my day started
Scramble me some eggs while my momma drinking coffee
Sorry I forgot to mention that I say a prayer softly
Speaking in my head to my father cause he woke me

Take a quick shower put some paste to the mouth
See myself in the mirror chuck a deuce and I'm outtie
Hit that I-12 and I'm on my way to school
Parking at the dome walk to class and play some tunes
Hit the front row in the corner of the room
And I'm sitting by the door cause 50 minutes ends soon
Hit the next class late cause these teachers like to talk
And it might've been a few distractions as I walked
Walk into the class with a 15 minute deficit
Homework in my hand just in case the teacher checking it


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