Joey BADA$$ – Where It'$ At Lyrics

Produced By: J Dilla

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[Verse 1: Joey BADA$$]
Let's get down tonight
I think I might blow a whole pound tonight

So shorty hit me with the spot and if it sound alright
Then you know I'm in the house
Let a nigga run his mouth
It's going down on sight
I'm always down to fight
Ain't duff a nigga in the while, no bluff

Ain't no chuch when you're living in the wild
I was hidden in the crowd
Rippin' on some loud

'Till I seen the sucka nigga dick-lickin' on my style
Wow must've been the material linen
Whole night kept him in my peripheral vision
All I gotta say is the word and imperials get him

Word to my pops I know niggas known for serial killin'
But back to the women
They tryna catch me slippin'
So I gotta pack a mags to stop venereal venoms
From entering my system

If it ain't my moms or my 'sis then
I put'em in the system

[Hook: Joey BADA$$]
So tell me where it's at and I'm in the spot (so what you wanna do)
I said so tell me where it's at and I'm in the spot (we got a lot to come true)
I said so tell me where it's at and I'm in the spot (so what you wanna do)
So tell me where it's at and I'm in the spot (we got a lot to come true)
I said so tell me where it's at and I'm in the spot (so what you wanna do)
Tell me where it's at and I'm in that spot (we got a lot to come true)
Let me know x4

[Verse 2: Joey BADA$$]
Yo let me tell you what I'm living like
Same shit just a different night
Super bad chicks and they all up in my kryptonite
'Bout to get down
I'm tryna get up in the tight
So roll the endo right
And I can show you what them bitches like
They just wanna come and have fun
Told this little hun she could come

But don't touch my funds
I might get crazy

I might bust a gun
So just give me some more
And I might bust her son
Might bust and run

They said love will come knockin' at my door
Well I guess lust must've wrung

The dutch touch the lungs and it was on
Had her beggin' for the dawn 'till the crack of dawn

Then I passed it off to Kwon
I said it gotta be the swank if it ain't the rank
Cause some pull hoes like ?

Hold up
Let me pull ove'
Told her to hop in then put it back and drove
And hit it out-park like Al Pujols

[Hook: Joey BADA$$ & Kirk Knight]

[Verse 3: Kirk Knight]
She's so enticing
Derogatory thoughts when I'm sighting
Slangs to get her wet
And i heard you're overflowing, I could test the waters like sea man, and i heard you like semen, see man
Well let me slide through I know you're feelin' the kid
Cause these nonchalant lines is lettin' me in

Cause on contrast
I could see us lovebirds it's in plain sight

And am I right cause I heard you like the international lovin'
On a higher scale
When I mean scale I do it well
Let me go deeper feel like I'm doing it well

Word on the street you acting like a bastard
Can I be you daddy?

You can hop up in my caddy
And I heard you got the fatty
Yeah cellurite

Just remember it's amazing how I come up on the track
So duck and weave

And please believe
My side effect is shakin' knees
Damn here I go again with the suggestive themes

[Hook: Joey BADA$$ & Kirk Knight]

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