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[Produced by John Legend & Pharrell Williams]

[Verse 1]
You don't have to cry yourself to sleep at night with wet pillows
Girl, I know you're hurt
Did you know that you can dry your pillows with your dreams and smile
It really works
Lay your head back in my arms, oh, I know your worth
So just reach inside your heart and pack your bags
And let's leave this earth

Let's aim high, oh girl
All you gotta do is close your eyes and - and visualize
Let's aim high

You work so hard for your boss, to him it's just work
Never considers your dreams, selfish and mean
Damn, that's gotta hurt

[Verse 2]
Just lay your head back in my arms, girl
I know you're worth
So allow me indulge your mind with these words
Open your eyes, you're now a bird

[Hook] x2

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