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Yo, why you standing over there by yourself?
Come here

[Verse 1]

151 Rum got her nigga loose
He keep eyeing this pretty thing with a big caboose
His girl watching him, she had a drink or two
But she's sober enough to know what he's up to

Now shorty hotter than the pistol Cupid uses to shoot
This the party her girlfriends invited her to
She caught her man here, not at the office
But instead, following women to the bathroom

Now that's when I see an opening to make my move
I tap her on the shoulder, slide over, and try to play it cool

Make it to the point in conversation where we take it to
A private place, where we can alleviate her bad mood

I understand grooves, I understand beats
And she can jam too, she'll have you dancing
I'll show my best moves if she throw it at me

Her man's wack, I'll be her Plan B


Look at all of these girls! These cute, sweet, small town girls
These thick, independent, city girls
These fast-life, wild, college girls
All of these girls, all of these

Girls, (black ones) girls, girls (yellow ones)
All of these, girls, (red ones) girls, girls, (white ones)
All of these, girls, (mixed ones) girls, girls, (Indian)
All of these, girls, (Armenian) girls, girls (Arabian)

[Verse 2]

Let me hear it one time for the Tina Fey's!
Rashida Jones's; Amy Poehler's with good grades

Too fine girl! Got me geeked up!
Come and kick it, take off them shoes and put ya' feets up!
Now I ain't never met a girl quite like you...
Okay, I'm lying, maybe I did,
you know the type: cute
Living on your own, go to a nice school
Got some dips, but you don't want no one to wife you

Well girl, that's right up my alley just like a rapist!
If you trying to give me chances I'mma take it
A struggling musician, that's a tad bit cliche but
I'm not a hipster, I'll have your hips swaying,
I'm saying
I understand sex, I understand lust
I understand women, I understand love
The only thing I'm missing is to understand us
And if I can't, I ain't mad cause, ummm.....



Girls, (Italian) girls, girls (Dominican)
All of these, girls, (Puerto Rican) girls, girls, (Jamaican)
All of these, girls, (Japanese) girls, girls, (Filipino)
All of these, girls, (Chinese) girls, girls

[Bridge] [2xs]

Now all the pretty girls put your hands to the roof
If you got a tight dress and it's brand new
Got a new purse, and some new shoes
With ya' best friend, you both cute
Now just kiss her, hmm, it ain't nasty
You can wild out and still be classy
Don't her lip gloss look so tasty?
Y'all can come home, and y'all can taste me


Girls, (Brazilian) girls, girls (Australian)
All of these, girls, (Haitian) girls, girls, (Cuban)
All of these, girls, (New York) girls, girls, (LA)
All of these, girls, (New Orleans) girls, girls


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