Juelz Santana – What I Want Lyrics

Produced By: Sha Money XL

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I think the feds is buggin my phone
I think the feds is buggin my phone
I don’t be talking to niggas that long

I think my girl got a bug on my phone
I don’t be talking to bitches that long

Still doing what the fuck I want
Cause where I’m from, niggas don’t live that long
Still doing what the fuck I want
Cause where I’m from, niggas don’t live that long

I’m just doing what the fuck I want
Getting money, they know what the fuck is up
Foreign car, red lining, never buckled up
Swag drippin, spilling, she just wanna suck it up
Keep my gun cause nowadays nigga don’t knuckle up
And I treat it like my girl, we stay cuddled up
It’s different, these niggas killin, just to say they did it
I’m trying to make a 100 million just to say I did it

God willin, god willin, still fuckin all these niggas bitches
Just to say I did it
But they acting like they fucking g’s
You a sucker, how the fuck you gonna be sucker free


Where I’m from niggas don’t live that long
They live longer on the shirts that we put em on
Rip to all my niggas gone
, soon as you start ballin
They wanna pick you off
Feds too, that’s why I give and go, pick and roll
They hate to see a young nigga get it all
Fuck them haters, got some down bitches I could call
I think my phone bugged so we don’t talk much
The game is never fair, but nowadays it ain’t even even
These niggas snitch before they get to the precinct
I think my phone tapped, for some reason they think I know where the coke at
Might catch me ordering pounds, just cause I smoke that


Life’s a pretty bitch, with a big butt
I just be hitting it, fuck a gym, I got a real nigga membership
That pistol and that work is the only thing I lift

Money coming, money going, bad bitches blowing
My teacher told me you’ll be dead before you know it
Nah bitch, I’m always strapped, fully loaded
So you better warm out, only time on it

Everybody wanna be a boss, but it cost
And that’s the price they can’t afford
And if I die know I’m gonn be well
Cause I’m too fly and I’m too high to go to hell


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