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Go Go Go Go Go (MmmmHmmm)

[Verse 1:Travis Porter]
I got a top notch bitch she a dime
And the home girl cute she a 9
But I would never flip a nigga, I would never flip a nigga
We keep some bad bitches, they got piercings on they nipples
Ooo girl ya cute , damn girl your cold
I love the way you climb and slide down that pole
I throw the money up and watch is fall to the floor
And you can get it all , your a pro

[Chrous:Juicy J & Travis Porter]
She a top notch bitch yeah shawty off the scale
Toss that dime, give me heads or tails
Give me heads or tails
Give me heads or tails

Toss that dime, give me heads or tails

Durr She go, Durr She go (Durr Sheee Go)
Durr She go, Durr She go (Durr Sheee Go)
Durr She go, Durr She go (Durr Sheee Go)
Durr She go, Durr She go (Durr Sheee Go)

(Whats yo name nigga?!)

[Verse 2: Juicy J]
They call me Juicy J , im in the get high business(Im High!)
I stay smoking veggies, pills never need refilling ( you know it)
I dont give a damn, im a trippy nigga
Fuck my lungs, fuck my liver
Ive done tossed a hundred hoes down to my niggas
And Ive done shown everybody cell phone pictures (Naked!)
Strip clubs magic city im the big spender (Yessir)
Unzip my pants let them bitches go to dinner


[Verse 3: ]
Girl you know your top notch, let me touch your hot spot
Smoking drinking non stop, do it to they come out
I like it when your tonque out
Big booty is ? out
Durr she go, Durr She go, come and take the fun route
And fuck with the boss what's the cost
I like them yellow with some long hair and short
Give me head until im dead, then im out
You can't be scarred go and show me what your about


[Verse 4: ]
I like my hat to the front while I hit it from the back
Infatuated with strippers thats a well known fact
Ain't in the middle of the club, so were chilling in the back
Im going to feed them appetizers starts off with a stack
One stack, 2 stack, 3 stack, 4
5 stack, 6 stack, tell them bring me more
And we gunna have some fun in this bitch, thats fo sho
So all my bad bitches get ya ass on the flo


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