Juicy J – She Solve All Problems Lyrics

Produced By: Jahlil Beats

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I got a black bitch I want to introduce
You hating ass niggas to, know what I'm saying?
She solve all motherfucking problems
I got a lot of problems but a bitch ain't 1

[Verse 1: Juicy J]
I ride in a Rolls
With Bullet proof Doors
One call to my goons
They invade your Home

I'm out here getting Money
I take care my Business
New rings on, Two chains on
I'm riding around and getting it

Nigga out here bumping gums like we ain't gone get em'
Nigga think we playing games till we catch him slipping

Get a tag on your toes, hope your casket fit ya
Yo mama crying in the church with yo baby sister
Fucking with that white girl, call her Taylor Swift
Put that pistol to yo face, you'll get a face lift
Nigga keep talking, In yo own grave
Boy we shooting on sight, so you DOA

I got this black bitch, she a fine ass model
I like to squeeze her ass, I like to hear her holla
When my funds low, she'll go and get them dollars
What I love about her, She solve all problems
She solve all problems, She solve all problems
She solve all problems, She solve all problems
What I love about her, She solve all problems
She solve all problems, She solve all problems

[Verse 2: Juicy J]
Hundred rounds, no way I'm missing
Fuck a snitch We'll leave no witness
Now you sleeping with the fishes
Should of mind your fucking business
Straight up out the Three Six Mafia
Run up on ya, then pop ya
Have ya body missing for a hundred years, Jimmy Hoffa
All my niggas real, just dealers and killers
And you won't know who a killer, untill he kill ya
Don't Blame me, take a look in the mirror
You a bitch in the streets, but you gangster on Twitter
We got them guns, Memphis niggas call em' yoppers
When we pull them pistols out niggas wanna talk
You tough as King Kong when you with your partners
But they to busy running to even see who shot ya

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