Julian – I Ain't Going To Sleep Lyrics

Produced By: Mixa On Da Track

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(Verse 1: Julian)

Yeah, Eastside in the buliding, I got my partner Neal with me this time, Julian on the track ahh!

Women going crazy when they hear it on the surface uh, Lately I'm that dude that been snapping in my verses uh
No telling what I might do, condo we got the top view, minding mines no 9 to 5 Just say what's up when I'm riding through
And I'm blowing up, I'm taking off I seem to fit that picture, when your getting there and you finally made it everybody say they miss ya, Julian you doing it, man you be killing all them tracks, and fake friends pulling fake schemes but a year ago you ain't have my back, passing time in Miami Beach, stressed thoughts they leaving me, passing time in Miami Beach, top dime they feeding me, I'm Eastside and I don't want trouble, rumors spread and they start to bubble, media hating on me, single man that's spending double, stunting on them just like that, jumping on them just like that, grinding hard, 24-7, bout mines never gone lay back, I'm feeling good and I'm living good, getting mines like every week, and if the industry don't crown me, still a king holding down the streets I'm gone !

(Hook: Julian)

I Ain't going to sleep, getting it every week, grinding hard, Just getting mines, trynna make it on my feet, I ain't going to sleep, getting it every week, grinding hard just getting mines trynna make it on my feet, I said

I ain't going to sleep, I ain't going to sleep, I ain't going to sleep, main I ain't going to sleep, I ain't going to sleep, I ain't going to sleep, I ain't going to sleep main, I ain't going to sleep

(Verse 2: Spida)

Ok, It's "N" "I" Double "T" "Y", with my nigga JuJu, your chick in my room and I'm controlling her like voo-doo, realest niggas in it, don't ever really say it, me and JuJu get to spitting and these niggas get to hating, and I'm riding round in that whip, and my goons be holding them clips, I don't fight around I Just lay them down, and they bitch me on my dick, Thrilla got these hoes all on this ship, and they fly around I'm the shit, me and my niggas don't hold back cuz my team stay ready to blitz, and I'm the quaterback!, I stay on top like a foreign hat, your chick attracted to my dick, foreign rat, I kill every track, now who murders that?, bitch it's hard to call me down shark attack!, naw but I really did say it, and your boy be living large think I'm lying then you should weigh it, it's Tosha Nine and you know it, I drive the whip like I stole it, you other dudes flow broke, me and JuJu we just told it ah!

(Hook: Julian)

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