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Yo Ferris, they can't stop me from rappin, can they?
I spit it through the wire, man
If this ain't dedication I don't know what is, man
Listen, first of all I want to thank you for your support
Chi-Town, what's goin' on?

Uh, yeah, feels like, uh, every sunshine is brighter
Sunsets feel righter

Please light ya lighter for the producer and the writer
Feel like God wrote this, I'm just here to quote this
I don't know if you notice
But I'm actually pitchin 'bogus
Doctor, doctor, would you please say somethin'?
I know I almost was the final destination
I musta had a blessin' from Pastor Mason
Cuz that trip to L.A. coulda been my last vacation
And, man, I know I can drop a down payment
On that Porsche Cayenne
But, what, I went along with the plan
Paid for my own video, directed by my man

Man, I know God was holdin' my hand
Wouldn't let me go before I go on Def Poetry Jam
Wouldn't let me throw in the towel
'Fore I got to throw in some vowels
'Bout what we goin' through now
Out the blue girls got a crush on me like I did beats for Mr. Cheeks
And since the accident
They tellin' me it's the cheeks

And if you look at history
That last rapper that almost died sold 6.5

'Cept I'm comin' from the Chi
Through the wire to the wall
All my rhymes is raw

All these beats beats beats beats beats
All of them could of been lost

I always got to floss
I almost paid the cost
So before I go to sleep sleep sleep
Always thank the Lord
For this mic and my keyboard
Heck naw, that boy is raw

You hear that? That's all that jewelry I got on man
Sometimes I take it off at the airport
But I still get stopped

They be like "There go Kayne, there go Kayne!
Can I see some I.D. please? So thank you very much"
First of all, my momma named me Kanye
So y'all gon' call me Kanye

I'm like the girl on the 'Sixth Sense'
"I'm feelin' much better now"
I feel a whole hell of a lot better man

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