Kid Ink – BET Backroom Freestyle Lyrics

Produced By: Leyone Tracks

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[Intro: DJ Tech]
Yo, yo
BET whatup, 106 & Park whatup
Right now we’re live in the back with my man Kid Ink
Rhyming with your boy DJ Tech
Alumni in the building
Let’s get it!

[Verse 1: Kid Ink]
Now tell me where do we go, we go, from here
I see so many manikins I gotta keep it real
Tryna play my cards right so you know just what the deal is
Just give me a second, I’ma show you how I feel man
Tell them that the truth... is
You’ve been around but you don’t know that I do…this
My lifestyle is so hostile it ain’t new…chick
Just hop in the fast lane and let’s move… quick
Everyday I’m gon’ quit and then I’m right back, right back
High up on this elevator, don’t do… stairs
I still see you stand, but I don’t need your stand
All these haters really my stance
Know I gotta keep it so fly, it’s only so much I can stand
No issues or pistols, just pussy all in my lap
I swear that head game on lock, I pray to God a nigga won’t trap
I tell her bite down, pitbull, if you tryna get on my level
You so bad girl you tryna get me in trouble
Now, tell me where do we go, we go from here
Its Kid Ink baby and Alumni in the building
Tell me where do we go, we go, from here
Just look up in the sky, I know you see me stupid high, tell ‘em

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