Kid Ink – Blackout Lyrics

Produced By: Lex Luger

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[Hook: Kid Ink]
Girl, I see you with your friends and your ass out
Just left stage, bout to cash out
One more drink and I’ma pass out
Can’t nobody see me? It’s a blackout
Blackout, blackout, Blackout, blackout, Blackout
Can’t nobody see me? It’s a blackout
Blackout, blackout, Blackout, blackout, Blackout
If you getting money, pull your cash out!

[Verse 1: Kid Ink]
I said I’m turned up, maxed out
New money, but I just pulled a stash out
Huuuuh, couldn’t see me in a glass house
And my bitch way better than my last spouse
Hey, so tell me what you wanna do
Big bank take little bank
I’m Chase and bitch you are Wamu

I’m on some other shit, so can you please get off my stool
I am the man up in this bitch, I do it big, give me my room
Or I could give the business, but this right here is none of ya’ll
Nobody could fuck with me, it must be the nun in ya’ll
Watch me throw it up, throw it up cuz I can’t stomach ya’ll
I’m bout to take your bitch nigga and this is how I cum in her


[Verse 2: Meek Mill]
Diamond in my chain, Whoopi Goldberg, black as shit
Black Breitling all on my wrist, bitch I’m Bernie Mackin’ it
Get some Geicko for that ho, before it be an accident
Cuz I be shitting on these niggas, like I took a laxative
I bring a bitch down, like I break a brick down
Chopper with a drum, ho 86 rounds
I could make it rain and make a hater sit down
And I ain’t trying to save no chick, I’m trying to make a bitch drown
And I be swimming all in that money, diving all in that paper
Black phantom with no tint, styling out on them haters
Your team vs my team, Cavaliers vs. Lakers
I make a movie all on your bitch, scream free TIP I take her


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