Kid Ink – Crazy (Loco) Lyrics

Produced By: The Arsenals

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[Verse 1]
Mother f*cker wanna act loco
Uh, make a moyo turn poyo
The main my engines say f*ck your dojo
Got everybody in her never come through dodo
Bitch like Beyonce but she never tell me no no
get us over here get about my section
Niggas say they seat
Think I'm infected
Looking for the best
See my reflection
And f*ck the world
No contraceptives
There kids tell em you ain't play with em on ice
Three chains know me, stay trippin
Said you could call me engine when I ain't trippin
Get it, you can call me engine when I ain't trippin


(it's crazy)
Cra- cra- cra-cra-cra-cra
They try to say that I'm crazy
Cra- cra- cra-cra-cra-cra
Think I might while, it's crazy
Cra- cra- cra-cra-cra-cra
They look at me like I'm crazy
Cra- cra- cra-cra-cra-cra
Think I'm while out
Said watch somebody always gotta say something

When they don't really know where we came from (it's crazy)
Cut cut cut cut cut cut so crazy
Cra- cra- cra-cra-cra-cra (think I might while)

[Verse 2]
Lately here I'm sayin that they made it
Cooler than the ac it sound so f*cking crazy (crazy)
Don't faze me my pocket is fat and lazy
Vampire life style and y'all girl wanna slay me
Now shout out to my open fell in love to the new one
Still she tryin to come back till I cut it out like coop on
Groupie ho, need to put her in the brook home
She say that my leather so soft like the new bone
It's Alumni, Batgang, up all night no..
Ain't worry bout the damn thing I'm crazy if my my last name
Got you on, bitch I'm on
A mountain hot come climb in, better nigga take you home in hit in
Like a lime in


Mother f*ckers wanna act loco

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