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[Hook - Kid Ink & YG]
The game don't change, turn cold
I swear these Niggas lame, Fucking clones
I don't understand why they think it's okay
They gonna make me turn back to my old ways
What they doin? What they doin?
What they doin? What they doin?
What they doin? Disrespecting the code
What they doin? What they doin?
What they doin? What they doin?
What they doin? Disrespecting the code

[Vers 1 - Kid Ink]
Okay, the game don't change, got a quarter back
Set back then it cut incision, it's a heart attack
I'm what the world made me and this is no effect
I got a mean attitude and my girl a brat
Okay, back to do it big, all caps
Going hard is no effect, higher out of contact
Barely conscious, you don't take it out of context
Give you niggas a complex, just being honest
I can't take no more, more money, more fake niggas
If you got a problem it's going down like ray digit
Try to ride my lane with me while I'm still paving it
Go check your history book, I'm about to write another page in
And I'm gone

[Hook - Kid Ink & YG]

[Verse 2 - YG]
Ass up, bitch fresh down
Got nuts, I'm trying to bust like a Greyhound
Bitch, get over here, put your face down
She said that she ain't no bitch, welcome to H town
Tell them bitches about my bitches, count my pockets, she wet
When your daddy was a jig saw how he feel about that?
That's to hate him more, check your navigation
All my niggas trip, we need child relations
I'm for bout here, nigga, really, really, really low
Niggas gang banging and bitches let their titties show
I'm in the foolies, though, like neighborhood
Hundred thousand dollars Porche parked in your neighborhood
I'm fucking host, my money staking
Niggas be funny acting, I call it Bernie Mac'N
Your swagger take your hood, nigga fake it on asses
Nigga fishy like the floor, act a station

[Hook - Kid Ink & YG]

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