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Produced By: True Master

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Intro: Child and Killah Priest

[Child] One two, one two
[Killah Priest] No doubt
[Child] The microphones on...
[Killah Priest] Cross my heart, hope to die
[Child] I've been waiting along time for this
[Killah Priest] Here we go Killah Priest, '97, '98....

[Killah Priest]
It's the Byzantine king, supreme, all kneel kiss the ring
Into a Elohim, I blow steam from the families of the Macabees
Smack emcees watch them scream "Your Majesty!", make them suffer
The capacity of tragedy, hold the crowd down like gravity
Back the fuck off, stop grabbing me, hands off me, niggas start to bore me
I'm getting sleepy, I need some coffee,
me and my Wu-bandits
We bury niggas deep in the canvas, body bandage, like some mummies

You fucking dummies, you can't take nothing from me
It's the longest waited, the most anticipated, the album hesitated
Scream the name out: "KILLAH PRIEST," I leave the blood spilling in the street
I'm from the dark hills of Brownsville, the seven shields on windmills
Across the killing fields, never forget it, tell them rap critics
I speak in arithmics, so they can never get it, I'm too scientific
Lyrics explicit, I roll with thirsty niggas, theives and killers
Tigers, gorillas, faces like Godzilla

We stomp rappers and smile like a card dealer, we got iller
Cross my heart and hope to die, we multiply, by the hundreds
Buckin by the thousand, see me outside your show browsin
Beatin up your soundman
Playa haters and players, we give 'em cold stares

Any last prayers?

[Inspectah Deck]
Yo, yo, concrete techniques, bomb beats and cause casualties
My faculty, hold it down like gravity, rapidly
Threaten like weapons to adolescents, ghetto residents
Quick to past tense your present
State of the slums: kill for a plate of crumbs
Fake ones, they're coarse with smiles and snake tongues, I'm deep into this
I sometimes gasp for air, deadly warfare
Hot blocks, cops, and cold stares, shots blare
Like fireworks on July the 4th, weapons get tossed, fugitive slidin off

My forces combined, new world, 2009
Digital criminals, we make mills in cyber-crime
It's all planned ahead, 2 times
I see the signs through a great mind
The heaviest chains could not bind

(Chorus, Killah Priest)
We stare you eye to eye
We tell the truth no lie
We cross our heart and hope to die.. hope to die..

High ranked officials and armed tanks with missiles, blood drizzle
Simple fact, you slept on the issue, that before you started jerkin off
Joysticks and Sega, I was rockin' off 100 watt amps in Cerwin-Vega

RZA fine tune it, ship a mil units
Emcees ask, "Who be those rhyme killers in masks?"
No doubt, difficult task to last in the square, beware
Infinite amount of darts is in the air
, I'm victorious
With no opponents, I blast through components, with microphonics

Watch the whole world live the moment, anything anti-
They came approaching this
Are incapable of speech, remains motionless

(Chorus 2X)

Hope to die..

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