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This cigar's good...I’m gonna tell a story… Yeah, that what we’ll do…

[Verse 1]

At night the lepers break into the temple and drink the sacrificial vessel dry
A condor into the sky, Cigar smoke reverse in front of my eyes
Back into my mouth, the fire goes out, my room turns black, the moon gets fat
Beneath there are secrets, dealers with crack, killers with gats, hoodies and cap
I’m out of body, I become the streets breathing through the sewer hole
I am the belt that shooters hold
I became the building that’s chillin, Murals, R.I.P. across my brick stomach
Someone’s coming…can barely could hear what their lips are mumbling
They stash a bag between my bones
Suddenly, I am the bag, holding three crystal stones
The crack inside me yelling that they can’t breathe
I tried to use my cemented abdomen to push them free
They told me if they find the supplier, he usually finds a buyer
Then it’s off to the Lighter, the tube of Fire
They said then we become as One
We transform into something strong, a gas, toxic form
From solid to killing brain cells…
It’s insane in this hell, so please free us, fall upon us, crush us to Dust
Just then two fingers grabbed him, one wore a ring, I became a sleeve
The wrist spoke to me, he said his hands about to freeze
Heard a conservation between a ring, told a story of a finger
Who pushed the trigger for them little killers, we call them rocks
His hand got hot, I became as hard as liver, yelled stop
He's riddled from shots, his turned dark
I woke up and lit up a bark

Glory, money, judgement, fame
Demons, temple, alter, flames
Paradise, Ein Sof Paradise
The Glory, the money, the judgement, the fame
The Demons, the temple, the alter, the flames
Paradise, Ein Sof Paradise

[Verse 2]

When I sleep I dream of darers of black forest. rivers of blood
Pentagrams on the mirrors of thugs
Scarymares of my enemies filling me with slugs
Haunting my memories, it’s the misery I love
I wake up with prayers under my breath
Make sure the stairs is under my steps
Lately I’ve been writing pages under distress
I want to see the new life that’s promised
I want to see the men who lived honest
I want to see the things of Nostradamus, Prophet Mohammad
I look around; all I see is garbage
Kid searching through a dead man’s pockets
The projects, we try to survive, why we only ask questions when we high?
I want to see the Messiahs enthronement
I want to see the peace and light on the night of atonement
I want to see Heaven on Earth, the afterlife the rebirth
The Nazareth bring Peace to our turf
I know the Devil want it all reversed
It’s all up in the Universe, but you have to some research
If you a leader of your crew, they want to kill you
You see higher than your team, they want to chill you
If you talk about the problems of your hood, the want to replace you
If you try to do good, they going to hate you
With this mind state, what do you do
What path do you choose
Either way you have to pay due
They say we all are born to lose
We're set up to fail, I’m on my roof top, Victory! I yell
Like Obama did it with the girls and Michele
I look at this government and load up my shells…


Uh, Let us pray, A story of a man, who told a story of another man, who told a story of another man
EIN SOF, Keter the Tiferet , You know, the tree of life inside the tree…
Look inside…

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