Kilo Kish – You're Right Lyrics

Produced By: Syd tha Kyd

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[Verse 1: Kilo Kish]
Give me something new to say
Something new I can fight for

Then I caught the awkward pain
When you walked through that door
And we don't speak to each other
And we don't greet one another
When we blew text under covers

And you used to be my lover
I don't wanna hear anything new
Eyes are eyes and mine for you
Through a glass couldn't see it clearer
Catch me staring in the mirror
Like what the fuck

Tornado uprooted our lives
We need ours, stealing my pride
My dignity and half my life

[Hook: Kilo Kish]
I guess you were right
Yea I guess you were right
I guess you were right
Yea I guess you were right
When you said
And when you said
All you have are friends

[Verse 2: Kilo Kish]
I don't wanna write any new songs
Don't wanna play games in garageband
Cus' last night I recall you were my man
But didn't end up like I planned

Break up to make up a new song is in my ear
And all of the things that you told me
Looking at reflections still ain't clear

Its not fair
I said muthafucker unfair
Cus yesterday you were right here
My bed is snow white
And I'm scared

That its true
Ill never find another like you
Everything I said is untrue
Rollin on acid
I could hate you
But don't

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