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[Verse 1: Chip Tha Ripper]
Like Jimmy Conway from the Goodfellas
Me and my niggas in this bitch and we some hood fellas'
Ain't nothing a bitch nigga never could tell us
When I pull up, make your whole hood jealous
Her Vicky panties hit the ground, Hello Kitty
Then the bra came off, hello titties
Which one of yall girls want to get lucky
Don't even say hey if you don't want to fuck me
Take a piece out and take the whole cake
Good things come to those who don't wait
I've been trying to win since way back
When I get on I'm putting rims on a Maybach
Hold on, is you even allowed to say that?
I'm too real some of y'all can't take that
I'm handing out bread like this shit pamphlets
These people looking like this shit don't make no damn sense

Walk up in the club and start passing out money
Walk up in the party, handing out money

I don't make a rain I start passing out money
We don't make it rain we start passing out money
Walk up in the bar and start passing out money
All in the parking lot, handing out money
I don't make it rain I start passing out money
We don't make it rain we start passing out money

[Verse 2: Chip Tha Ripper]
Yeah, rather have too much then not enough
Rather have two girls that wanna (uhh)
Extra picky, I love women, hate bitches
Sex And the City, whenever the plane get in
Fresh Style out throw the towel out
Let the whole club know the coat is in the town now
This can't be real, how can it be?
Back to the slight, back to this fantasy
L's and the V's on me the P is on me
Can tell you a bitch homie, you don't want it
At this moment, don't play with your life
Can take a hundred dollars, get you something nice
Gave the vallet man, Hundred
Security and doorman's all got hundreds
Saw this bad bitch, fat ass no stomach
She was so cold I just gave her twelve hundred, Damn


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