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[King Tee]
While these other cats are flashing their guns
I got my barrel down your throat, you're coming up shook
I brought that gang bang boogie, you must've mistook me
For a coward, I'll wet you with the tech nine shower
And man I gives a damn who the fuck you down with
Who part of town and shit, you get your crown split
Fucking with the Likwit expansion assassins
Heard about them fo' older anthems, now speak on that
These fools got that home grown rap
I got da kron, talking bout the bomb, say what?
I got the hood rats shaking they tails to excel
Cause Aftermath laced me with the shit that won't fail
I used to rock the module sitting in the county jail
Now I'm fresh out balling on bail
These fools better check the credits, I'm hanging platinum on the walls
While your baby mama playing with my balls, yes y'all

[Hook] {X2}
I got the da kron, talking bout the bomb
Say what? I got the hood rats shaking they tails to excel
I got the da kron, talking bout the bomb
Say what? Cause Dr. Dre laced me with that shit that won't fail

[King Tee]
Somebody let me out this cage, I feel like I'm about to burst
Snatching props and reps just like it was your mom's purse
First thing's first, I'm the King {where you from?}
The streets of Compton {what?}, a nigga stay down {right?}
Say what? I represent the khaki wearing, weed smoking
Gun toting, never broke niggas from L.A. to Oakland
Talking that shit will get you nowhere, cause I hear no, or fear no
Roll up and you be the last action hero
I'm from the land of the calm breeze, palm trees
Low riders rolling on roadies
Drop tops, crooked cops, carjacks
And earthquakes, chronic bud, yeah nigga all that
The place where Gs be hitting switches
And I'm down with a gang of niggas but I got a gang of bitches
Kids from birth born and bred to be hustlers
Sipping on the {?} to say I got it going on
Aftermath, I represent it to the fullest
Spitting at hoes like my tech nine be spitting bullets
Passed ya, I blast at ya, faster
Somebody gassed ya now you lay before your pastor
These other clicks know they ain't fading us
Cause even Treach said my niggas was the craziest
Remember before I told ya bring a gun
Cause it ain't where you're at, it's where you're from fool

[Hook] {X2}

[King Tee]
Y'all niggas don't know me, low key Riviera
Coming through your hood with the terror
I got it rocked up, I got it locked up, locked up
Fools in they trunk chopped up, nigga like "what?"
Posing, cause I know these niggas scoping
The Rolex full of ice frozen
I think around eighteen karat golden
Can't match what I'm holding, pockets stay swollen
Casinos in Reno to blow dough in
Niggas stay out our pimp business cause you hoes ain't knowing
About the years that I paid dues, hoes that I ran through
Niggas asking going platinum, I plan to
So kick back and let the King pull rank
No need to gas me up, I'm already on a full tank
So roll it up, light the bitch and inhale
Cause Dr. Dre laced me with that shit that won't fail

[Hook] {X4}

[King Tee]
Yeah, for my niggas on the west side
Roll it up

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