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If you write down the things that make me cool it's a short list
I don't want to talk about my small wrists
It's been a while since my last kiss
Cause I mean
It's hard to find a nice techie
I should be alternative
Like Becky

Cause she's pretty and she's sexy
Probably just mad because nobody gets me
And I all I ever want to do is sit in my room

And watch spiderman lose to Dr. Doom

I miss the days before everybody thought I was a stalker
I've always been the dork ass jammed inside the locker
Cause I thought I was shena
You know, a punk rocker?

'Till I grew into wanting to be Flocka
And everybody hates it
What a shocker!
I've been hot since grade school soccer
When the coach tried to put me on the bench
I fuckin' shot her!

Nah, just kidding I'm a lawyer's daughter
I'm not a badass
I'm not awesome
I'm a little ginger wuss, I'm bubbles I'm not blossom
On the V.I.P list I'm at the bottom
I've been hiding in my closet all summer and autumn
Watching Jimmy Neutron
Dying of boredom
And all of my friends hate me, because I ignored them
So talk to base ferrell
And fuck swag, and slug and shit

And everybody else that im in love with
And everybody else that im in love with
And everybody else that im in love with
And everybody else that im in love with
And everybody else that im in love with

Fuck this
Everyone in Florida is a sham
So I went back to hollywood specifically for Cameron
And right after I landed in L.A.X
I ran into my ex and he looked a little vexed
They said, is there a problem?
He said, California hates you bitch why'd you bother?
I just came for the fries with the carne asada
And to prove that I can go a lot harder
Then Gucci Gucci, Louis Louis, Fendi Fendi, Prada

But whatever I'm in Louisiana
With my baby James
Consider your post flamed

If without him
You probably wouldn't even know my name

So he's one of the hundreds that I'm in love with along with everybody else I'm in love with
And all the other people I'm in love with
Everybody else I'm in love with
And everybody else that I'm in love with
And everybody else that I'm in love with
And everybody else that I've been in love with
And everybody else that I didn't love with
And everybody else that says they love me
I mean all the shine on mine is lovely

I feel like such a lucky little kid like Cudi
And if you don't like me
I know that I'm sucky

And nobody likes my music, they just kinda wanna fuck me
So here you go, here's your shoutout's honey

And that asshole who said that can't stand me on YouTube
Wearing some dumb Slayer band tee

Have fun dealing with those six fans
Fucker, saying I copied Odd Future, What the fuck is wrong with you?
I'm just a little girl, stop picking on me on the internet
Telling people to be mean to me on Last.Fm
I'm telling on you

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