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Kool A.D.; so Murphy Lee
She don't know my government; guido puppet wondercamp
When I was young, I was a fan of Come Sail Away
Carlos Slim; mami que lo que
Do it the J-Lo way, I'm so Marc Anthony
And I don't even know Marc Anthony
Go Marc Anthony
Go Marky Mark, it's your birthday

I'm so emotional like Thursday
Sure to say anything

So Diddy with it, looking for a check with like 50 digits
I'm reckless you silly bitches, I'm Eminem on my way to the middle
Riddling middle men, who did and who didn't leave
Drake-ing it till I'm making it
Nah, I'm sayin' shit,
I'm so DONDA
Donde esta Jane Fonda?
I'll work it out

Third act, gurped it out
'78 Bonneville, mana chill
How the marijuana feel? Prim dolla dolla bill
Fiend don dada trill, dream ankh all of y'all
I'm on the court, so I got to ball
I got fans kicking me free adderall

Yo, I do it for a culture of gods, kings, snakes, and vultures
What's the difference? The heart to head
What's the distance?
I've seen crazy visions, I'm not kidding
They in the living room, but they're not living
I stand the heat in a hot kitchen
Yo, how y'all claiming y'all hot but ain't got -

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