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One,two,three,four...hit it

(verse one)

Up in the Bronx,where the people are fresh
There was one DJ who had to pass the test
And now he's down by law and he's ready to play
That's right, y'all, his name is AJ

Never gets nervous when he cuts the beat
Top notch service in the clutch on the street
A complete elite treat that can't be beat
Because AJ never knew the agony of defeat


AJ,I wanna see you (X4)
Kurtis Blow (scratch)

(verse two)

Grandmaster Flash, Afrika Bambaataa
Starsky, Spoonie Gee and Run DMC

Gotta realize that he goes way back
And now he's down with the king

And we could never be whack
So just kick off you shoes and relax your feet
And rock to the rhythm of the Kurtis Blow beat
Yes,yes,y'all and just shake butt
Because AJ is gonna cut it up


Clap your hands (scratch)

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