Lachdown – Between Friends Lyrics

Produced By: Flying Lotus

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[Verse 1: Lachdown]
Homie I be port to port, never see my anchor drop
Bet that I can bag a bitch, Anchorage to Angkor Wat
Track Town girls though: chill as fuck, danker pot
Juicy ass, skinny mom, guess she gotta thank her pops
(Pause) Let the banger rock
Jaws on their ankles, lock-
-ing shit down steady till I'm ballin' with that banker guap
Fucking queens, Lancelot, look at me, I'm Hansel hot
State of mind on astronaut, shit I want the chance to cop
Keeps me fixated on validating the hatred
By making it just to claim
That I wasted it in front of your faces
Cop Bathing Apes for the laces
Vape an eighth for the fragrance
Y'all slanging paste to the tasteless
I'm aiming straight for the A-list
And laying pages for the ages like Amos my namesake had done
Glory's before me and y'all cornies who I'll take it from
I'm sui generis, flow is unsettling
Steady combust blunts of the med with Sloan Kettering

[Break: Step Brothers sample]
Johnny Hopkins and Sloan Kettering
Blazing that shit up every day

[Verse 2: Lachdown]
Peanuts are for pachyderms
All we do is pack and burn, pass the fern
Ash on my pants, khakis to match my urn
Class adjourned, until you chatty Kathies are taciturn
Rappers spurned ain't hath shit, so y'all my last concern
That's confirmed, by corroborating reports
That all you poseurs are pussies, and hunting pussy ain't sporting
I'd rather be out cavorting (What?), fornicating and touring
And contemplating the ways I can talk my way to a fortune
I'm a, lyrical cannonball, see me and the panties fall
Guarantee I'm packing plenty woody for these Annie Halls
(That's about the worst you could say about me)
You almost heard enough, know I got that multitouch
An 8 of my shit's worth your two joints: double dutch
Ducks don't need to huddle up, rush who's talking scuttlebutt
Voldemort a muggle fuck, I'm bugging off the bubba kush
Got me befuddled inagaddadavida, proppin' my feet up
Bitch it takes a quap when I re-up, ye-up

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